The local newspaper in Eilat, "Erev Erev" writes about Yak's teaching the day after a student's concert in 2018.

All lesson with Yak at the community center "Matnas Collier" are private; meaning only one student at a time.

Guitar teacher Yak with the great course leader at Matnas Collier, Lili Weiss . From3 the student's concert in January 2023.

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Concert in November 2021.


Yam in concert at Matnas Collier June 2019. Thank you very much for a great performance!

Yonatan and Yam in concert at Matnas Collier June 2019. Thank you guys for a super concert!

Matnas Collier concert, June 2019. Blues by Bessie Smith. From left to right: Nimrod, Yonatan, Yam, Liam, Tal and Ofek. Thank you all for a wonderful time!

Yak and Sarah after the concert in June 2019 with students Ofek, Yonatan, Tal and Nimrod. Thank you guys; it was so good and fun!


Chanuka concert 2016, Matnas Collier, Eilat, Israel: Hey Joe, Whiskey in the Jar and Careless love; "unplugged" as all great songs should be! Many thanks to Yohnatan, Yam, Nimrod, Tal and Ofek!


Yak Santiago and his wife Sarah playing flamenco in  Eshkol Pais, Eilat, June 2013.


 Shay and Michal just after the summer concert, Eilat 2013. Thank you very much for some great years and concerts!


Above: Yak in pistachio color with guitar students in Eilat; the end of a great concert!

Under: The double winter concert, February 2013, was noticed by the local newspaper.








Yak and his wife Sarah performing flamenco.


Berginner's concert poster, January 2014. Pink Floyd, Arik Einstein, classical...


Advanced student's concert poster, January 2014. Hendrix, Deep Purple, Clapton, classical , flamenco...


Barock piece for guitar by Brescianello. One of many pieces taught.



The above photo shows Yak with guitar students at the Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary Music way back in 1993! The founder and director Dr Stephen Horenstein is the second from right in the standing row.The two lower pictures are from private concerts. One of the girls studied for Sarah and is now a music teacher, too! 


More flamenco concerts and recording for radio.


The local newspaper writes about the guitar studies at Collier, and Yak even got a prize from the community center, 1000 Shekels, for beeing  a great teacher! (The Collier community center is also specialized in all kind of dance; ballet, jazz, flamenco and more).



Concert posters for Yak's students made by Yak (all concert posters shown on this site are by Yak). Every year there are two concerts; winter and summer, where the students show of their latest skills playing all styles individual and in groups. Classical, jazz, flamenco. rock, blues, folk; The Beatles, Metallica, Bach, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan; be prepared for everything!


Yak in Spain. Sometimes the difference between teaching an learning becomes blurred....




Student's double concert in June 2012 with almost 3 hours of music! Thank you Girsh and Anton for a great time! A prize was awarded to Anton, who's been completing the "black level". Pieces that he performed were from Bach, Tarrega, Gershwin and he played a flamenco piece, Guajira, as well. Great performance by someone who's been serious from day one!


Student's Year-ender concert 2012. Neil Young's "Looking for a lover" in best Unplugged fashion by Lilach, Michal and Shay. Thank you all for a great time!





More student's concert posters. Because many students stay and learn for several years there are for the moment two concerts at the same evening; 3 hours of guitar music covering a broad range of different styles and talents.  


London Calling! Yak teaching in the 21 century on the Internet. It's not fun; and a lot of technical problems. It's impossible to hear if the note is produced right. Best advice: Search for a teacher in your own town and avoid the Internet; it's probably both better and more fun.



Painted guitar (acrylics) for a sushi rock bar in Eilat made by Yak. The guitar is actually half inside the wall. Never tell your guitar students that you paint guitars; they want one too! Apart from that; it's not good for the sound production.


Yak Santiago practising at home.


Invitation to the beginners concert in Eilat, summer 2013. Songs by Bob Dylan, Woodie Guthrie, The Beatles and easy classical pieces.


Invitation to the more advanced students concert in Eilat, summer 2013.

Classical pieces, flamenco, jazz and blues. Songs by Gershwin, Neil Young and a bunch of Israeli contemporary songs.


Girsh, Gali, Omer and Nimrod performing the jazz standard Summertime by Gershwin. Thank you very much!


Girsh playing Prelude from Diabelli.  Year ender 2013, Matnas Collier Community center's guitar concert, Eilat. Thank you Girsh!


Nimrod, one fourth of a quartet, playing Mashina's Naga BaShamaim. Summer concert for Yak Santiago's guitar students in Eilat, 2013. Thank you Nimrod!




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