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I prefer all kind of Spanish factory guitars; Admira Paloma is warmly recommended for all my students. Admira Rosario is another option for about the same money. Another guitar that I suggest is Yamaha C40 (lately they've been selling Yamaha C70, also good!). The Admira Paloma and Rosario cost about 600-700 Shekel (depending on the US Dollar exchange rate) and the Yamaha C 40 and C70 around 550 Shekel. All mentioned guitars are easy to tune and to play on. The two Admira guitars has a warmer and fuller sound than the Yamaha. You can buy the guitars in the local and only music shop in Eilat, Kley Zemer. Don't forget to buy a foot stool and a Jim Dunlop Classical Trigger capo as well! And some 0.71 mm plectrums. Other stuff that I include here is available in the same shop.

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Admira Paloma

Foot stoolYamaha C40 Full Size Nylon-String Classical GuitarYamaha C 40

Trigger CapoTrigger Guitar Capo - NEW 2011 Mechanism & Improved Finish

You will need some picks too! Start with a bunch of medium ones; not too soft not to hard.


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A note stand makes it more comfortable to read the music.


Many beginners find it difficult to tune the guitar in the beginning. A Montana tuner makes it much easier, and is cheap to buy, around 90 Shekels. I'ts not a must, but if you want to be in tune right from the start, it's recommended. Another option is to download a guitar tuner app for free to your mobile phone.


If you just got your sisters old guitar you will need to change the strings before you'll start. Try a set of Augustine, classical guitar, blue color. La Bella are ok, too. DON'T BUY HANNABACH strings! (German crap!)

A set of six Augustine strings will cost you 40 Shekel, and add 40 more Shekels and the guys in the Kley Zemer music shop will change them for you.

GatorGBE-Classic Gig Bag for Classical Guitars

A stuffed gig bag for bringing your guitar to the lesson and you're made!

 On the classical guitar it's possible to learn how to play all different styles; including Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Metallica! DON"T BUY AN ELECTRIC GUITAR IF YOU CAN"T PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Learn first how to play, then buy whatever you want to.

Never buy an acoustic guitar; it's to primitive and very limited. Ok, maybe you just like that metallic sound, and that's ok, but it's mainly made for strumming 3 chords with a pick, and that's it. Steel strings destroy your nails, and if you're really, really serious you'll play with nails... 


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